We  Service, Repair, Install, all  P.T.A.C, Split units, HVAC  Systems.                                              

We also  Sell  parts  for All  Commercial /Residential  HVAC needs.

New  P.T.A.C  /  Thru-wall Replacement Units

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners,                        ( P.T.A.C ) units, are  a great way to avoid putting  an A/C unit in your window or mounted to your wall, or raised to your roof top.  These "thru- wall" units offer a low profile, sleek, hidden,  professional  feel. They are simple to install and easy to operate, maintain. The units can  often be configured to provide cooling / heating with a wired or wireless state of the art  Thermostat or by just using  the manufactured supplied  digital touch pad or manual controlled knob functions provided on each unit.  

P.T.A.C / thru-wall units are most often found in  high rises, apartment buildings, hotels, motels,  hospitals, and similar dwellings and work-places.  

Older P.T.A.C / thru-wall units can be repaired, but are often  replaced with newer, more efficient systems  that are designed for the purpose. Saving the customer between 4% to 6% annually per unit on energy costs, compared to the older models.

Ductless  Mini Split Heating/Cooling Systems

Ductless mini Split heating/cooling  units  are a more quitter  way to avoid sleepless  nights.  You also avoid  the bulky window units, and  thru-wall units, or seeing  duct work in your ceilings. 

A condenser  unit is installed outside  the residence  or  business and is either mounted or set on i-beams or a mounting pad.   Which are then connected  by  copper piping. Then are wired to one or more evaporator(s) that can then be installed or placed in different location's through out the space.   

A single condenser unit  has the capability to provide the capacity to  cool up to four interior  evaporators  in four different zones. 

Each evaporator can be installed in each zone with its own separate heating, cooling and temperature controls. Each evaporator unit includes a handheld wireless remote thermostat which can control each specific zone.

This is the most efficient way to go, saving the customer 18% to 25% in energy  cost annually per unit. Depending on SEER of unit, and other factors during installation.


Rooftop- Heating / Cooling systems.  2-25 ton units

Super efficient rooftop units handle heating and cooling for the entire home or business and or  office spaces. The equipment is scalable from small residential units to large commercial installations.  Most installations require a crane to hoist system a top of roof of such location. Permits, fee's must be obtained and paid separate, to crane company and local municipality of such install.

We install and maintain both packaged, central  with or with out heat pumps and packaged split systems in 2 ton to 25 ton sizes or more. We do duct work of all sizes.

Replacing older systems with modern systems  can save 10% to 50% on energy costs annually.

Depending on SEER of unit and other factors during installation.